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Anthelmintic Herbs

Anthelmintic Herbs

Anthelmintic herbs used to destroy and expel parasitic worms from the gastrointestinal tract. An anthelmintic is used against roundworms, tapeworms, and flukes. Infection of these worms causes significant problems like frequently profuse diarrhea, anemia, of the liver, lungs, etc.

Vermifuge causes worms to be paralyzed and then eliminated in the stool. Rarely these drugs kill the worms directly.

Herbs in this Category
• Abutilon Indicum
• Adiantum Capillus
• Anethum Graveolens
• Callicarpa Macrophylla
• Calotropis Procera
• Cassia Occidentalis
• Cinnamomum Camphora
• Cissampelos Pareira
• Eclipta Alba
• Embelia Ribes
• Gmelina Arborea
• Helicteres Isora
• Mallotus Philippinensis
• Mimusops Elengi
• Moringa Oleifera
• Nerium Indicum
• Oxalis Corniculata
• Pinus Roxburghii
• Podophyllum Emodi
• Pongamia Pinnata

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